Check out my latest piece for Creative Loafing

Before we get to Part 3 of Spring Break (coming soon), please check out my latest piece for Creative Loafing Tampa: 10 reasons kids are easier to manage while camping. No parent should miss out on the opportunity to legally deprive their children of life’s basics, while also warping their sense of pop culture.

Photographic proof of the educational opportunities and sibling love that are fostered on a family camping trip. And you can hand a kid a knife and not get arrested. 

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“Don’t make me turn this van around” is written by Jonathan Kile, and approved by Monica Kile. Check out Jon’s periodic column, “So How’s That New Book Coming?” at Creative Loafing – Tampa. His 2014 thriller, The Grandfather Clock, is available free for Kindle on and other eReaders at Smashwords. Reach him at Monica is a freelance grant writer, non-profit consultant, tour guide, and connoisseur of 70s rock lyrics.

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