Need to run a faster marathon? Snickers really satisfies.

I began writing this post long before coronavirus became a constant factor in daily life. I’ll certainly have something to say about the pandemic from the perspective of someone with a serious medical condition. For now, enjoy this break from 24-hour coronavirus programming: Most days, Monica wakes up at about 4:30 in the morning, sneaks … More Need to run a faster marathon? Snickers really satisfies.

Westfalia Wagon Train

I recently read a good book by Rinker Buck, a journalist who set out to cross the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon pulled by a mule team – in 2012. In it, he recounts how the original pioneers embarked in overloaded wagons, with poorly trained animals, and unrealistic expectations of how much ground they … More Westfalia Wagon Train

Key Westy

In the last exciting episode of Don’t Make Me Turn This Van Around, we added a second van to the family. Have we jumped the shark? Um… neither of these vans are jumping anything. With the new (to us) Westfalia in the fleet, Monica wasted no time in setting up a dress rehearsal. Less than 24 … More Key Westy