Summer ’19, Part IV: The Civil War and Amish Intercourse

Leaving Pittsburgh, we had two days to get to Ocean City New Jersey. Our first stop was Gettysburg. Again, we took the Pennsylvania turnpike, even though it’s merely the old tracks of General Lee’s artillery brigade. Fortunately, the country roads, where the Amish ride in carriages, are paved. In Gettysburg, we cashed in a free … More Summer ’19, Part IV: The Civil War and Amish Intercourse

Summer ’19, Part III: The Food Issue; Meaning, Food is an Issue

The journey from Jamestown, VA, to Pittsburgh, PA, ended up being the longest drive of our entire trip. So far, most of our route has been along two and four-lane back roads – and very little interstate. The Westfalia enjoys the back roads for their lack of high speeds and little traffic. Our son likes … More Summer ’19, Part III: The Food Issue; Meaning, Food is an Issue

Westfalia Wagon Train

I recently read a good book by Rinker Buck, a journalist who set out to cross the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon pulled by a mule team – in 2012. In it, he recounts how the original pioneers embarked in overloaded wagons, with poorly trained animals, and unrealistic expectations of how much ground they … More Westfalia Wagon Train

Key Westy

In the last exciting episode of Don’t Make Me Turn This Van Around, we added a second van to the family. Have we jumped the shark? Um… neither of these vans are jumping anything. With the new (to us) Westfalia in the fleet, Monica wasted no time in setting up a dress rehearsal. Less than 24 … More Key Westy

Spring Training

Spring Training has come to our house. A year ago, Monica was just toying with the idea of running a marathon. Today, she’s got her eyes set on getting competitive. She doesn’t think she’s going to the Olympics or anything, but she’s loves getting faster. She’s working with a group of seasoned marathoners and a … More Spring Training